Faith as Entertainment

He emerges from the wilderness where he had disappeared some forty days earlier. His body is drained of muscle and fat, but his legs hammer like two overheated pistons as he makes his way into town. He calls out to certain men without even seem to break his stride. He says, “Follow me,” and each one to a man inexplicably drops his career, his friends, his family, to fall in line behind this peculiar preacher from the backside of Nazareth.

He leads this small coterie of fishermen and a tax collector to Capernaum and takes them into the synagogue. An evil spirit inhabiting one of the men there shrieks in terror at him. He expels it with a single word. He then takes up the scrolls and preaches, and all in the synagogue, including his band of men, are astonished at this words. No one has ever heard the holy scriptures framed this way before.

An excerpt from Faith as Entertainment in Breath No. 1.