Show Me Your Glory

What you have in your hands isn’t any ordinary book. It is the revelation of God. We wouldn’t understand Jesus, the cross, or the resurrection without it.

The author of Hebrews tells us that in times past, God spoke to our forefathers in many different ways by the prophets. But now, he says, in these last days he has spoken to us by a son whom he has appointed heir of all things. And it is through this son that he also created the worlds. So what has god said to us through the son?

He inspired holy men of old to understand what had been hidden for generations; that is, his plan of redemption. Paul sums it up by calling it “the mystery of Christ.”

Here we want to explore, to understand, the meaning behind Jesus’ statement in the Gospel of John that Lazarus’s sickens was not unto death, but “for the glory of God.” After all, Lazarus did die. He was dead for at least three days. So what did Jesus mean by saying his sickness, his death, was for “the glory of God”?

An excerpt from Show Me Your Glory in Breath No. 1.