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This past November my wife and I took a two-week vacation to New Zealand. This was the first time that we had taken more than 5 days off since we got married and, yes, we paid a price for it. Today marks the first day since we landed back in the U.S. that I've had any down time at all at work. And that's actually just because a new-client appointment was a no-show. 

New Zealand was a good trip for us. Getting away from the muck of work, highways, emails, and Starbucks helped us to decompress and figure out where we should go from here. First and foremost is our latest adventure, Breath Magazine. The project is beginning to take shape. I flew to Kentucky for one of the lead articles and will be rumbling into the hill country of Texas for an interview in the next couple of weeks. From there it's to the East Coast. Once we have that work in the can, we plan to fly over to the West Coast for yet another interview and then to a few other places to fill up our first edition. We're still holding fast to a December publication date. Look for some more outtakes of our work over the next few months. We will likely open up Breath's website sometime in May. 

We've republished a number of podcasts on iTunes. We hope to upload some new material next month. 


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