Why We Need a New C.S. Lewis

Some say we need a new C.S. Lewis. We need a new John Lake.

Steven Harrell authored a piece in Relevant magazine about the need for a new C.S. Lewis. He writes,

We need to find new voices for our status updates and sermon illustrations. Our generation needs to add to the mix our own sages who were born in the same century we were, who can engage the same issues we face in our communities and our political and social landscape. Who do we look to for a faithful perspective on the world today? Who guides us in thought and example to be more like Christ in the 21st century? Who is able to critically engage the cultural climate we now live in and show us how to live in it better?


Browsing through the comments (close to 100), NT Wright's name pops up pretty frequently. I've read a lot of Wright, but I don't see where he fits the bill. That's not to say his writings aren't good. They are. But he's more of an academic than he is a preacher.
   Personally, my favorite writer is John Lake. (I understand that his books are probably sermon compilations.) I think I carried Spiritual Hunger around with me for more than a year before I could finally lay it down. No one has expounded the high vision of Christ like he did. I'm not aware of a living writer who has gotten close.

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