West to the Spirit

Head west, young man!

Last week my wife and I gassed up the Swaggerwagon and headed west, West Texas that is. She had looked online at Dave Roberson's site, and saw that he was going to be preaching in Stanton, Texas, which lies on the Texas plains just twenty minutes east of Midland. In other words, nowheresville. 

Why in the world would we drive over four hours to a wind-swept city with a church with less than 30 people in it? Because that was where the Spirit was going to be moving. You can have your professional worship singers, your technicolor big screens, your lattes, and your leadership sermons. I'll take a move of the Spirt of God over all that any day of the week.

And what great services they were. Many in the little congregation were healed, and more than a few received words of knowledge about their lives and walk with the Lord.

Jannie Linney, the pastor of Hosanna Christian Fellowship, said she misses meetings like these, where the Spirit's move is so palpable, so self-evident. Boy, we do too.

GospelPeter Smythe