Sion Alford – Full Gospel Worship

Sion Alford – Great Worship

Years ago I visited High Point Church in Arlington, pastored by Gary Simons. Frankly, I wasn't enamored with Simons's preaching, but I was enchanted by his worship leader, Sion Alford. Sion combined a musical prowess with some good 'ole Holy Ghost worship that was downright terrific, something you don't see too much of these days.  

Sion Alford – I Will Follow

Over time my iTunes library filled up and I lost track of his songs. This morning I set my iPod on shuffle for an early run, and As Long As I Have Breath came on as I broke my second mile. I must have played it 10 times or more. And then I went searching for more of his songs.

If you've been looking for some creative worship music, I suggest you check out Sion's songs on iTunes. He also has some new stuff on his own site, too.

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