A Modern-Day Agabus

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A Peculiar Anointing

“It is true, as the scripture says, not many noble are called;
it’s the base that are called to preach.”


The Lord has used you to heal people during services, especially those who have suffered some type of damage. But in some instances, special faith has operated in your ministry. Can you explain that?

Special faith is a gift of the Spirit, when you believe God in such a way He honors your word as His very own, and in a miraculous way He brings it to pass. It’s not my faith, it comes on like a coat or a mantle; it’s a knowing from heaven. It’s special authority.

Do most people recognize the tangible anointing that is on you?

No. It’s a small percentage of people—it’s just that percentage that likes that, and that is our thread of our Pentecostal heritage. And that’s even whittled own to a few churches that even understand that or get that or hunger for that. . . .

What are you seeing in the body of Christ today?

The present time? The church, right before God comes back, the quietness of it is remarkable. It’s like a slumber. Non-Pentecostal groups are thriving—they get people saved every week. But if you don’t get baptized in the Holy Ghost or have any fire with your movement, it doesn’t perpetuate new preachers. So you might have a one-generation movement. . . .

Excerpts from A Modern-Day Agabus in Breath No. 1.

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