The NT's OT Roots

The OT hints mysteriously that God’s beloved Son will suffer rejection, suffer violence, and be cast into the Pit (prefigured in the stories of the binding of Isaac and the story of Joseph) but that he will also “become the head of the corner” as an exalted king (prefigured not only in the happy endings of the Isaac and Joseph stories but also and especially in Psalm 118, the enthronement Psalm at the climax of Israel’s Hallel cycle).
— Richard B. Hays, Reading Backwards

If you haven't yet read any of Richard Hays's books, I encourage you to run as fast as you can and buy Reading Backwards. I picked it up yesterday and am having a hard time putting it down. Here's another gem:

The OT focuses our understanding of Jesus’ role as an eschatological prophet of God’s judgment. The sweet, infinitely inclusive Jesus meek and mild, so beloved by modern Protestantism, is a Jesus cut loose from his OT roots.
— Richard B. Hays, Reading Backwards

Would to God that some of my Pentecostal brethren would read this kind of stuff (see Phil Cooke's post). We'd have a new wave of revival in no time.

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