Jesus and the Wilderness

The wilderness figures prominently in prophecy.

Cruise around the internet for an explanation of the temptation in the wilderness, and you'll find all kinds of theories, some mundane and some outlandish. Here is one that falls somewhere in the middle:

The Spirit drove Jesus into the desert and he remained there for forty days. The Spirit is the Holy Spirit. We know that Jesus was driven into the desert right before he began preaching the New Gospel of God.

Why would the Holy Spirit drive Jesus into the desert?

The Holy Spirit was with Jesus. Jesus acted in accord with the Holy Spirit, so we know that the Spirit and Jesus were in harmony. Therefore, Jesus must have been driven by the Holy Spirit for the sake of Spiritual strengthening, exercise or even rest before he underwent the demands of ministry.
— Christian Women's Corner

I skimmed over 30 sites, and didn't see a single one draw any parallels between Jesus and Israel. Here is a quick note I made this morning to show my wife just why the Spirit would drive him into the wilderness.

Recall that Paul calls Israel's crossing of the Red Sea a baptism in 1 Corinthians 10:2, and Moses was on Sinai 40 days and nights. BOOM.

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