Moved by her compassion and mission, we asked if we could visit her ministry and document the work for the Lord she had begun. To our surprise, she said, "Yes."
   Danita Estrella Watts is one of those rare Gospel heroes. Led by the Lord and her compassion for Haiti's orphans, she started an orphanage in one of the most environmentally hostile areas of the world. When we first stepped into Ouanaminthe, Haiti, Rich Mullins's burning wilderness flashed in our minds, but that images melted with the hints of glory we saw in Danita's Children's compound. We spent eight days there, observing and documenting her work—kids, some of the most wonderfully bright kids who were born into the harshest environment in the Western hemisphere. 
   We made our trip in the days of film. Not being professional photographers, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The sun is so bright in Haiti, and the kids's skin is dark. We weren't ready for the exposure problems that created, the heat and humidity that melted our film and fogged up our lenses. But we were lucky to capture maybe a few moments of the spirit of Danita's compassion in our photographs. 
   The missionaries at Danita's Children stretch a dollar longer than a mile. If have any to give, they would do a lot more work for the Lord down in Haiti than anywhere else you could send them. The ministry maintains a list of needs.