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Spirit Led

The children of God can expect to be led by God. Some have this expectation, but seek God's guidance through their intellects or physical senses. This compact book highlights the scriptural ways that God leads his children through his Spirit. Topics include: the importance of following the leading, the voice of the Holy Spirit, the voice of the human spirit, the conscience, and guidance through visions. It is not an exhaustive study, but it introduces the believer to a truer walk in the Spirit. 

Christ our Healer

Many Christians suffer from sickness through the erroneous thinking that it's God will for them to be sick or that healing belonged only to the apostles and the early church. Many ministers, on the other hand, those who preach healing, have confused the gifts or manifestations of the Spirit with the foundational doctrine of the finished work of Christ. The Apostle Peter's statement in Acts 10:38 that Jesus healed all who were oppressed of the devil demonstrates that the root cause of sickness and disease is Satanic oppression. Acts 10:38 also proves that God's method of healing is spiritual, and not physical, which is why we don't see Jesus administering medicines and home remedies in the Gospels.

Isaiah the prophet was shown the spiritual side of the crucifixion in Isaiah 52 and 53. He saw that Jesus not only bore our sins, but our sicknesses as well. Matthew confirms the vision in his Gospel, and so do Paul, Peter, and James in their epistles.

Faith is the trust of what God has said he is going to do or what he has already accomplished. Christ our Healer lays out what he did in Christ regarding sickness and disease. The book is structured to give the believer a thorough understanding of healing in redemption and provide the foundation for him to pray the prayer of faith.

Six Keys to Strong Faith

Faith is a big word in the Bible. Faith, in fact, is the foundation for the Christian life. But not all Christians are on the same level of faith. The Apostle Paul writes about those with strong faith and those with weak. He instructs Christians to get established in their faith so they won't be tossed around by fads or error-prone doctrines. This short, little book lays out six key New Testament truths which will strengthen the faith walk of the New Testament believer.

Jesus in the Now

There are three things that strengthen the believer's faith. First is a knowledge of Jesus' mission to save the world—the facts and spiritual backdrop behind his death, burial, and resurrection. The second is the believer's knowledge of who he is in Christ, the depths and heights of what God has afforded the believer through Christ. Last is the believer's knowledge of Jesus' present-day ministry, what he is doing in the world and in the church today. The vast majority of Christian books deal with Jesus' mission. Few, if any, deal with the believer's position in Christ or Jesus' present-day ministry. This little book focuses on what the scriptures have to say about what Jesus is doing in the here and now in his various roles as high priest of the new covenant, our mediator, our advocate, and our intercessor.

NT Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a big issue in the Bible. And it's become a bigger subject in mainstream Christianity with the rise of the Christian counseling professional. This little book sets out the two main schools of forgiveness taught in the church today, and compares them to the scriptural model set out in 1 John. It's not a big book, but is intended to induce the reader to study further what the Bible means when it says, "just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must forgive."

Tongues in Plain English

The Bible demonstrates that the baptism of the Holy Ghost and its accompanying evidence of other tongues is a second definite experience for the Christian believer. It also shows that tongues is a superlative means of prayer, allowing the believer to become a true co-laborer with the Lord by praying out the mysteries of God. This small book sets out the scriptural pattern of tongues as found in Acts and summarizes the spiritual benefits of tongues for the believer.