Aslan Youth

When we made our way to Danita's Children, a Christian orphanage in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, we found ourselves in a van with Craig Bogard. Interestingly enough, Craig hailed from my birthplace, Red Bank, New Jersey. But what was even more intriguing than a New Jerseyan riding around in a van with a bunch of Christian no-names (we also had a lawyer, an architect, and a newly minted college grad on board) was what he was doing in Haiti. This man and his wife had decided to continue the work of establishing a youth organization right in the middle of no-man's land, L'Acajou, Haiti. 

We were able to go to one of his youth meetings during our stay at Danita's Children. At that time, he had just six acres of barren land. Despite this, over a hundred youth showed up to praise the Lord and hear about the Word. Since then, he has been able to build a foundation for a medical clinic and install three sections of the clinic on the property. It's a humbling thing to see how the Lord can use ordinary people to accomplish so much. 

Take a look at Aslan Youth's webpage. We encourage you to give liberally to Craig and Lynn Ann, two real heroes of the grace of God's gospel.

The unique color palette is due to Kodachrome. This was one of our last trips using film, and Kodachrome was discontinued shortly after we completed the project.